Glass Restoration

Aaron Solutions has been in the window cleaning business for over ten years, conducting business with many Bay Area commercial property managers we specialize in restoring glass from hard water and other glass stain problems related to weathering.

Like anything else, glass requires care and maintenance, when exposed to the elements it is subject to weathering and can become damaged. A common problem is hard water stains caused by mineral deposits from run-off, acid rain, and sprinkler systems. If neglected this common problem can lead to expensive consequences making the task of preserving glass more complicated because after a certain level of damage, no matter how much effort you put into cleaning glass, it won’t recover and will have to be completely replaced. As you know restoring glass is a lot cheaper than replacing the whole window. That’s why we recommend taking immediate action before it’s too late.

Most window glass cleaning companies are not equipped to deal with hard water stain problems because they lack the materials and expertise. To achieve the professional results you expect, we would be happy to offer our services and a free consultation.

We specialize in the restoration of laminated, curved, tempered, insulated, plate, and mirror glass.

Our technique consists of a blend of special chemicals, minerals, elements, mild abrasives, and lubricant agents. (The chemicals we use are environmental- friendly whenever possible.) We remove any contamination or protective products in the pores on the glass surface and relax the overall surface tension of the outermost section. After a thorough chemical cleaning we then seal the glass to prevent any new stains from reoccurring for longer periods of time.

Window glass restoration is more complicated than a simple window cleaning. Thus we recommend that you contact Aaron Solutions as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.