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Aaron Solutions can solve any type of bird problem. Our efficient, fully trained technicians are experts in all phases of bird control. Offering safe environmental solutions our services include:

  • Harmless elimination
  • Installation of safe, discrete barriers
  • Bird dropping clean up, removal and disposal

Our services cover all types of premises, large or small, multi-site or single location. We offer a tailored approach, often combining several different proven techniques to provide a controlled environment for the exclusion of whatever species the potential infestation might be.

We can handle all kinds of Birds

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Birds, Pigeons Spikes Installation

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  • Birds Spike Installation
  • Bird Netting Installation
  • Hot Foot Repellent Gel

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Tailored Solutions to Bird Control

Our Bird Control Services

Most commercially available products simply don't work. Spikes improperly placed become anchors for nesting birds, and mechanical owls become perching spots.

AaronSolutions has perfected the art of bird control using cages, barriers and a combination of other products proven to work.

Bird control begins with a thorough examination by a trained bird specialist, who will examine the site, and determine a course of action suitable for the surrounding environment. This includes site clean up and installation of environmentally safe barriers that prevent reinfestation and in particular, reoccurring nesting of species.

Netting installed where major problems occur prevents roosting. With fewer roosting sites, bird population will drop due to unsuitable habitat. Mechanical deterrents designed to prevent roosting may also be installed where feasible.

PCOs should be available to assist with site identification and evaluation. However, due to equipment and material constraints, installation should be performed by trained professionals, especially when dealing with buildings of extreme height.

Aaron Solutions has highly trained professionals who specialize in high-rise buildings and structures that are difficult to access. For these types of conditions, we offer special services, not only for property managers but for PCO's see our industry services link.

All Services are environmentally safe, harmless to birds and blend in with structures. Discreet installations can be designed to be virtually undetectable from ground level. Structures that are difficult to access are one of our specialties.

Health Hazards Associated with Bird's

Pigeons, sparrows, and starlings are highly social animals and are associated with humans; therefore, these three species provide the greatest opportunity for transmitting potential health hazards. Health hazards associated with these birds are encephalitis, salmonellosis, chlamydiosis, histoplasmosis, and cryptococcosis. Encephalitis is transmitted from birds to humans via mosquitoes. The main mode for cryptococcosis is through inhalation of infected material or dried bird excrement. Dried excrement on window ledges or roofs near air conditioning systems or air vents is a potential source of infection, as is contaminated dry soil when disturbed.

Human illness should be a major concern when considering bird management. However, other factors, such as structural damage, economic losses and associated costs for clean up and repairs can provide a strong rationale for managing bird populations.